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Enhance, Enlighten, Ascend

Old Monk Herbals is a premium artisan line of herbal tinctures, essential oils and natural products honoring ancient healing traditions.

Essential Oils or Aromatherapy Oils are highly concentrated, volatile, aromatic essences of plants. They come from carefully cultivated and wild grown plants from climatic and geographic regions throughout the world.

All Old Monk Herbals essential oils are 100% pure and natural, of therapeutic grade and free from any chemicals or pesticides. They are obtained from ethical producers around the globe. They are organic when and where specified. Essential oils contain the vibrational life force of each plant and work on all aspects of our being in a holistic and naturally fragrant way. All essential oils are for external use only.

Old Monk Herbal Tinctures are organic or ethically wild-crafted and prepared by a Master Herbalist in Canada following ancient herbal traditions. Herbal Tinctures are for internal use. Follow instructions on the bottles or consult a dependable herbal reference book or a Naturopathic Doctor before use.


Herbals - Classical Martial Arts Centre - Toronto Central Region

Aromatherapy is the enhancement of mind, body and spirit through the use of aromatic, botanical essential oils. These essential oils contain the vibrational life force of each plant and they work on all aspects of our being in a holistic and naturally fragrant way.

Essential Oils (12ml Bottles)

Lavender: Harmonious, Calming, Relaxing$6.00
Eucalyptus: Balance, Energy, Stimulating$7.00
Rosemary: Centering, Restorative, Strengthening,$9.00
Pine: Patience, Understanding, Acceptance, Confidence, Tenacity, Humility, Simplicity, Perseverance$8.00
Cedarwood: Grounding, Fortitude, Nobility of Spirit, Dignified, Powerful$10.00
Himalayan Cedar: Focus, Concentration, Wisdom, Stability, Strength$8.00
Balsam Fir: Purity, Balance, Wisdom$10.00
Sandalwood: Enlightenment, Meditative, Balancing, Connecting, Peaceful, Wise, InsightfulN/A
Spruce: Purity, Balance, Confidence$10.00
Juniper: Insight, Wisdom, Humility$11.00
Orange: Happy, Energizing, Uplifted, Strong, Creative, Positive, Courageous$6.00
Grapefruit: Boosting, Liberating, Cheering, Positive, Attuned, Alert, Inspired, Uplifted$7.00
Mandarin: Tranquil, Inspired, Refreshed, Peaceful, Revitalizing$7.00
Bergamot: Encouraging, Uplifting, Concentration, Balance, Motivation, Harmony$9.00

Synergistic Blends*

Mountain A blend of Evergreens, Birch and Myrtle brings in the spirit of the mountains. Mountains have always been a special place for meditation, contemplation, peace, silence and higher awareness. Elevate and ascend.$13.00(12ml)
Meditation A blend of Juniper Berry, Pine and Frankincense. Go inward to that special place of silence, serenity and calm. Realize potential, increase awareness, unfold creativity.$13.00(12ml)
Immunity A blend of Clove, Cinnamon, Lemon, Rosemary, Lavender and Eucalyptus. Protects against all groups of invaders from viruses to bacteria, fungi to moulds…naturally.$13.00(12ml)
Energy A blend of Eucalyptus, Bergamot and Grapefruit. Uplift the spirit and energize.$13.00(12ml)
Serenity A blend of Lavenders from around the world – with Sandalwood, Marjoram and Pine to bring in calm, relaxation and ease.$13.00(12ml)

*Essential Oils and Synergistic Blends are for EXTERNAL USE ONLY. Avoid if pregnant and avoid contact with eyes.

Methods of use

Diffuse in a diffuser or spray bottle.
Inhale directly from the bottle
Put a few drops on a napkin and inhale
Blend in with your cream, lotion, ointment, soap (2% dilution)
Mix in with a massage oil (3% dilution)

Herbal Tinctures**

Oregano: Nature’s natural antiseptic. Anti-viral, anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory. Useful for colds, flu and all kinds of infectious diseases.$11.00(30ml)
Echinacea: Useful for allergies, colic, colds, flu, and other infectious diseases. Fights inflammation as well as bacterial and viral infections.$11.00(30ml)
Ginseng: Overall body strengthening. Strengthens adrenal and reproductive glands, supports lung and immune function.$11.00(30ml)
Reishi: Increases vitality, regulates the immune system and supports liver function. Anti-inflammatory, Anti-bacterial, Anti-candida , Anti-viral, Anti-tumor and Spiritual Uplifter.$11.00(30ml)
Passion Flower: Gentle Relaxant. Helpful for anxiety, hyperactivity, insomnia and stress.$11.00(30ml)
Ginko: Improves brain function by increasing circulation. Beneficial for asthma, dementia, eczema, headaches, memory loss and tinnitus.$11.00(30ml)

**Not intended to cure, prevent or treat any disease or medical condition. Always consult with a physician (preferably a Naturopath trained along herbal lines) before taking any dietary supplement especially if pregnant, nursing or taking prescription drugs.

Old Monk Herbals

Enhance, Enlighten, Ascend

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